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Consulting Your Environmental Projects

Increase the effectiveness of your environmental projects when you turn to the experts at Wildwood Consulting, Inc. Based in Saint Augustine, Florida, we offer environmental consulting services for businesses and organizations. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to actively assist your employees with the delivery of a quality product, on time and within budget.

St. Augustine, Florida Images by Louise Walker

Natural Resource Management Plans Development

Improve the development of your natural resources projects. We offer a variety of project development service, including facilitation, conflict resolution, document writing, editing, and document control.

Project and Program Management

Operate your programs more efficiently with our management consulting services. We develop and manage project schedules, budgets, and project documentation. Trust us to analyze and integrate your data control systems and guide your team's program control.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Have an experienced team plan and facilitate your business operations. We act as a support group for the decision-making and consensus building on issues involving natural resources.

Technical Document Support

Count on us to ensure your documents are well-structured and ready to be presented. We offer technical analysis, report writing, editing, and document management.

Regional Storm Water Treatment Projects by John Richmond and The San Sebastian River by Louise Walker

Sustainability and Resilience Integration

Link your projects, plans, and vision with ecological sustainability and community resilience. We can identify resilience benefits in your grant applications or help you improve your Community Rating System (CRS) score. We facilitate knowledge transfer and assessments to ensure that the connection between ecosystem services and sustainable solutions can be identified, integrated into decision making, as well as promoted in project profiles, grant applications, and planning documents.

Connect with your community to promote resilience and sustainable solutions. We collaborate with clients to engage their communities on issues of resilience through facilitated processes, outreach, and public education initiatives. We develop messaging and tools for communication to allow clients to continue a culture of education and engagement, even after the conclusion of a project. Need to coordinate efforts with your neighboring municipalities? We can support a productive forum that also helps your CRS score. We identify project components and solutions which ensure balance among social, economic, environmental, and engineering needs.

Committee Meeting Management

Ensure your project committee is well-prepared and has the resources to manage any function. Our logistical support services are essential for meeting summaries, tracking, and executing tasks between meetings.

Special Funding Initiatives and Capacity Building

Develop efficient and affordable financing plans to meet your goals. We offer research and analysis of financial opportunities with water resource projects. Local fundraising and legislative initiatives are provided with these services.

Environmental Assessment

We prepare your Environmental Assessments, which are concise, public documents. These are developed to determine whether a more detailed Environmental Impact Statement is required.